We are an online platform, which provides a flat rent opportunity for exchange students from different countries. Our main customers are Erasmus students, who come to another country for a short period of time to study. The platform is created in order to simplify the accommodation and adaptation experience of international students by providing them with the place to find the flat for a short rental period, job opportunities and discounts for English speaking services. 

Erasmus experience


 Erasmus students come from different countries and represent different cultures. The goal of traveling to another country is to meet new people, cities and relax through parties, travels and various events. Before arriving at a new place, students are looking for a flat and then later they equip their new "home" with the needed furniture and stuff. In the first days, they experience euphoria from what is happening, but soon, along with euphoria, the first difficulties that have to be solved appear. One of these problems is to adapt to the new place and culture of the country - in such moments, students need the greatest support and help. The best way to distract yourself from the cultural shock is to explore the new environment and start making new friendships on events and parties. 

   Typically, Erasmus students have a limited budget and try to find rooms in the shared flat for rent to reduce accommodation costs, which is one of the biggest costs during the program. According to our survey, 56% of students spend the majority of their scholarships for housing, and 40% of students use the entire scholarship for the same purposes. An additional cost for some students is the commission for the agency that Erasmus students pay to find a place to live. Huge expenses on rent result from the lack of language skills, high renting prices for foreigners and a small market for English-speaking owners.


  • Every fourth student is scammed while trying to rent a flat.
  • Lack of knowledge about the local accommodation market and high prices for foreigners. 
  • 75% of students are having issues that they cannot resolve due to language barrier.
  • 86% Erasmus students have to look for the flat by themselves without any help from the university. 
  • No platform for Erasmus students where they can find an apartment for a short period of time (4-7 month).
  • Affordability - the scholarships received by the students is not always covering additional expenses, such as rental agencies provisions. 
  • The new environment and the language barrier reduces opportunities and brings inconveniences to the student's everyday life.

Our solution 

  • Identity verification and account authorization process in order to avoid fraud.
  • Zero commission for students. 
  • A page with a discount on English speaking services and entertainment events. 
  • Cooperation with universities and voluntary organizations involved in exchange programs. 
  • Assistance in the organization of events for foreign students. 
  • Internships and short-term job offers for Erasmus students. 
  • The "Buddy" and "Xchange" programs that allow students to find friends even before coming to a new country and exchanging flats with the person, who comes to your home country for exchange semester. 

Milestones of the project

Support our project on one of the biggest polish crowdfunding platform and receive great presents and discounts

  • Donated amount less than 100 zlotys (26$) -  100% discount on account maintenance fee for 2 month

  • Donated amount equal or greater than 100 zlotys -  Discount is calculated as % of the donated amount from the total and the percentage is transformed to months. (Example: 100zl donation - 2.5% from the total amount = discount for 2.5 month)

  • And the bonus for the first five and last five people will receive + 1 month of the extra free month and nice notebooks from the team.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via LinkedIn or email